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Hypnotherapy is a very effective way do deal with anxiety, phobias, helping with stopping smoking and a variety of other issues. It's not like you might have seen on the TV, it's very safe, and you're in control of the process at every stage. Hypnotherapy is generally short term, a few sessions, and is an alternative to counselling if you prefer to look at your concerns with this approach. Hypnotherapy is useful to integrate with counselling, and we could discuss this if counselling is you're main preferred option of looking at your issues.

Hypnobirthing is a great option to explore as an easily accessible way of making your child birth experience as stress and pain free as possible. I'd be happy to disucuss how this may work for you (and your parter if available)

Stopping Smoking - Research shows hypnotherapy is one of the most effective means of support in stopping smoking. It's works best for those that are really motivated to stop, and often may need only one or two sessions to be of benefit.

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